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When people hide their assets, they don’t do it on a whim. They put a great deal of planning and thought into the process. Maybe they have lost a lawsuit and they don’t want the plaintiff to seize their assets, so they put them in an offshore account, or maybe they are going through a divorce and transfer their assets to a family member to hold. Whatever the case may be, Details Investigations can help. With over 15 years of experience in Colorado asset search, our team provides quick answers to important questions. Our investigators offer thorough searches that turn up assets that other investigators can’t find.

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No Stone Left Unturned

Criminals are getting smarter than ever before. Now, with modern technology at their disposal, they can spread their assets out in ways that were not possible in the past. Criminals don’t realize that we also have more technology at our disposal than we did in the past. When we provide an asset search in Colorado, we analyze the complete data trail. We look at credit cards, emails, government filings, and more to fully understand people’s activities and habits. This helps up build a history and find the assets.

After we compile a history, we use data mining and comb through data sources to find all of the assets. This goes beyond a simple data search. We look beyond the numbers to find out where all of the assets are. We might find them overseas, or they might be at home. Regardless of how close or far they are, our team of Colorado asset search investigators can find them.

Knowing Where to Look

Criminals will go to great lengths to hide their assets, so we begin the process by knowing where to look. It is common to find assets in:

  • Illegally named businesses
  • Corporations
  • Big-ticket items, such as boats and planes
  • Gifts
  • Offshore accounts

When we conduct an asset search in Denver, we even find assets in mortgages, bank accounts, and stocks. Some people even hide them in safety deposit boxes. Our experience has shown us that criminals will put assets just about anywhere when they want to hide them. We think like a criminal so we can find them.

Beyond Borders

Different jurisdictions have different laws. That keeps some investigators from going across state lines. However, Details Investigations is knowledgeable about state, federal, and international law. That allows us to cross state lines and international waters to find assets. Whether we have to deal with a safety deposit box at a local bank or find assets at a Swiss bank, we have the knowledge and expertise to track the assets for our clients.

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Partnering with a private investigator is a big decision, and we want to help you make the right one. Contact us today for a free consultation so you can see how Details Investigations can help you with your asset search in Colorado. With our team of investigators at your side, you will finally know what assets are out there. Then, you can take the necessary action to seize them.

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