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What is that person hiding?

That is a common question that our clients ask. Sometimes, they suspect a person of something, and in other cases, they just want to make sure a person has been straightforward with them before hiring or partnering with him or her. In both cases, Details Investigations can help. We provide Colorado background/search checks, as well as national searches and checks. In both cases, we help our clients get everything they need before making life-changing decisions.

Criminal Background Checks Denver

Background Search / Background Checks for Denver Employees

Employment background checks are an important part of what we do. Our clients hire us to run background checks for Denver employees before hiring them. That way, they can make sure that the potential hire is honest and reliable before putting him or her on the payroll. These services let employers weed out the risks and only hire assets. This actually helps them save money. Hiring and firing are expensive, and with our services, they find valuable employees that stick with the company.

When our investigators run Colorado background search, they find the person’s employment history, education, credit history, and court records. Our sweeps also bring up bankruptcies, liens, and other aspects of the person’s financial history.   

When our check is complete, the employer has a helpful snapshot of what the person is like. By knowing the applicant’s criminal, employment, and financial histories, it is easy to make a hiring decision. This allows employers to proceed with confidence, knowing they are getting the best employee for the job.

Background Checks Beyond Colorado

Our team of investigators also provides national background checks. These checks are popular with people who are involved in civil litigation. In addition, people also get these checks before marriage, business acquisitions, or investments. It is always a good idea to do your due diligence before making a life-changing decision, and these national background checks help.

These background checks are even more detailed than our background search in Colorado. We hand-search the person’s criminal and civil records, and we also conduct regional and national database searches. In addition, we look through news archives and even conduct interviews.

Our interview process is discreet so no one will know who ordered the background check. While discreet, these interviews provide a comprehensive picture of the person. You can use the information to find out who the person really is, even if he or she is skilled at concealment.

Find Out How Details Investigations Can Help

No matter what type of background check you need, Details Investigations can help. Our resourceful investigators can get all of the information you need, even if you need a check run on someone who has lived out of the state or the country.

Get a free consultation to find out how we can help. We will go over the process with you and help you understand your potential outcomes. Then, you can move forward with our Denver background check team. It won’t be long before you get the answers you want to all of your important burning questions.

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