Benefits of hiring a bail bond agent

When a family member or friend gets arrested, you may be tempted to handle the bail situation yourself. However, there are many advantages to hiring a bail bond agent, including a variety of both financial and legal benefits. A bail bond agent can make your life much easier during this difficult time.


Financial benefits

Save money - When you hire a bail bond agent, you will generally only be responsible for 10% of the bail amount, and the agent posts the rest. If you choose not to use a bail bond service, you're responsible for the entire bail amount.

Avoid liquidating your assets - Paying cash for a large bail amount may require you to liquidate assets, refinance your mortgage, or make other difficult and complicated financial decisions. Using a bail bond agent prevents this and makes the process much less confusing and stressful.

Avoid a financial investigation - Even if you're able to find the money to post the full amount of bail, paying cash for a large bail can raise suspicion as to where the money came from. Courts will generally red flag a large sum of cash that's used to pay bail, and an investigation into the money's source can take days or weeks, significantly slowing down the process of getting the defendant released.

Legal benefits

Legal knowledge - Working with a bail bond agent can make your life easier because an agent knows the ins and outs of the process, which can be complicated, especially if it's the defendant's first offense. Your agent understands all the legal requirements to get your friend or family member released from jail, and he or she also knows what to do after release. This knowledge is crucial to expediting the process of getting the defendant released.

Confidentiality - A bail bond agent understands how important confidentiality is when your loved one is in jail. They'll handle the matter with honesty and discretion.

While it can seem simpler to handle the situation yourself, hiring a professional bail bond agent has a multitude of advantages and will make life significantly easier when you're trying to get someone out of jail. A bail bond agent can offer you invaluable advice and will make the process much smoother. For a free consultation with one of our professional bail bond agents, contact our Bail Bonds Division today.

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