What Your Private Investigator WILL Do

Earlier this month we outlined some things that a private investigator won't do for you. Today, we're going to identify what a private investigator can and will do as the situation dictates. A private investigator has many tools and strategies at his or her disposal to track down information the average person doesn't have access to. They can use these strategies to protect your interests or literally protect you and your family.

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From a stationary stake-out to mobile surveillance, private investigators are trained in surveillance methods that help you attain the information you're looking for. An investigator can park in front of or near a residence or property and track the comings and goings of a particular individual or the people that visit the property. In addition, if a person of interest leaves the scene of a stake-out, the private investigator can follow that person to his or her next destination. Private investigators can also use mobile cameras or access traffic video to track people.

Asset search

A private investigator can search for assets that someone (for example, an ex-spouse) has attempted to hide. An asset search goes beyond a simple search for data and uses advanced software to analyze the complete data trail, including financial information and government records. 

Bug sweeps

If you have reason to believe your residence or property is bugged, a private investigator can come in and sweep the area for cameras and other recording devices. These can be disguised as everyday objects or can be so tiny that the average person wouldn't be able to find them. A private investigator is trained in locating these devices and can ensure your property is clean.

Background checks

Private investigators commonly perform background checks for potential new hires, including corporate employees as well as domestic help (such as nannies or housekeepers). During a basic background search, the individual's employment history, education, credit history, and court records are returned, as well as certain financial records, including liens and bankruptcies. Background checks can also be important prior to a marriage, business acquisition, or financial investment. These more thorough checks include criminal and civil records, regional and national database searches, and news archives and personal interviews.

Missing person investigation

When a loved one goes missing, it can be incredibly frustrating to work with local law enforcement. They typically have legal constraints that prevent them from getting information and tracking down a missing person quickly. Private investigators aren't bound by jurisdiction and don't have to coordinate with law enforcement, so they can act quickly to locate a missing person. 

Stalking intervention

Stalking can include a person following you, showing up at your home or office, repeatedly giving you unwanted attention and/or gifts, repeatedly calling, texting, or otherwise contacting you, or even threatening you. A private investigator can't necessarily ward off a stalker's attempts, but he or she can build a case against the stalker that will hold up in court. Investigators can use surveillance and documentation to prove repeated stalking behaviors that will necessitate legal action and serve to protect you from future incidents.

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