When Should You Hire a Private Investigator?

It can be difficult to determine whether you need the services of a private investigator. However, these professionals can be integral in resolving many different situations. Following are some of the main reasons that individuals or companies choose to hire a private investigator.


Suspected Spouse Infidelity

Private investigators are often tasked with determining whether an individual's spouse is cheating on him or her. Private investigators have training as well as access to equipment and software that can be much more powerful in proving a spouse's infidelity than an average person has access to.

Child Custody Battle

Child custody cases are notoriously complicated and difficult. Being able to submit accurate, provable, admissible information to the court is a huge asset. Private investigators have the ability to gather more evidence in a more professional manner that is more likely to be accepted by the court.

Missing Persons Cases

When a person goes missing, the case can run cold extremely quickly, within a matter of days. Most individuals or families simply don't have the knowledge, experience, or skills to gather the clues or evidence that can track a person down and/or return him or her to his or her home. Having a private investigator's services at hand can be extremely valuable to locate a missing person.

Employer Background Checks

Many employers hire private investigators to conduct background checks on all potential new employees. This can protect the company from hiring individuals with criminal records or anything incriminating or troubling in their backgrounds.

Employee Embezzlement

Large companies can easily be impacted by employee embezzlement by losing both money and time attempting to track down the individual who committed the crime. Private investigators have the knowledge and experience to uncover fictitious assets, questionable or inappropriate payments, or other anomalies. This is essential in identifying the perpetrator and resolving the issue.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a common and complex crime that impacts not only large insurance companies, but everyone who is insured, as fraud causes premiums to increase across the board. There are many different types of insurance fraud running the gamut of insurance categories. A private investigator uses a variety of techniques, including surveillance, analysis, and witness interviews, to uncover the fraud and bring the criminal to justice.


In these cases as well as many others, a private investigator can be a tremendous asset to unraveling and resolving major issues. They have access, experience, and knowledge that can be invaluable in accomplishing what the average person is able to achieve alone. If you feel vulnerable to any situation that could be better handled by a private investigator, contact us today for a free consultation. Our team will work tirelessly for you.

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