Working with a Bail Bond Agency: Mistakes to Avoid

When you work with a bail bond agency, it's important to follow procedure and not do anything that could result in your application being refused or your case becoming more complicated. Read on for some common mistakes that you should avoid while working with a bail bond agency.


Providing Incorrect Information

When you seek the services of a bail bond agency, you're required to fill out a certain amount of paperwork. Providing incorrect information on any part of this paperwork, whether intentional or not, could lead to complications that affect or nullify your agreement. You could face additional charges or even have your bail money forfeited after your court date. Make sure that all the information you enter on your paperwork is correct.

Skipping Court

As long as you show up to all your scheduled court hearings, you'll receive your bail money back from the court to be paid to the bail bond agency. However, if you skip a court date, you'll accrue additional fees and penalties on your bail bond. You'll also face additional charges as well as have a warrant out for your arrest. It's essential to remember the dates and times of every court date assigned to you and to appear in court for each one.

Missing Payment Deadlines

The contract you sign with the bail bond agency includes deadlines for repayment of your bail money. Be careful to read the terms of this contract carefully. It's essential to keep track of when the money should be paid back as well as what fees are associated with the bail bond service. Check your contract or contact the agency for any penalties for missing a repayment.

Traveling While Out On Bail

The conditions of bail often include a limit on travel, and sometimes, traveling is completely prohibited. Regardless, it's best to avoid traveling while on bail. If you're out of town while your bail bond agency is trying to contact you, it can pose problems and even jeopardize your case. If you must travel (provided the terms of your bail allow it), contact your agency in advance to let them know where you're going and how to reach you while you're away.

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