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Bug Sweeps  & Bug Detection Denver, Colorado

Details Investigations has been serving the Denver area for over 15 years, and during that time, we have noticed how much the world has changed. In the past, you had to be part of an investigation or a member of the criminal underworld for your home or business to be bugged, but that is no longer the case. Now, anyone can be a victim of bugging.

From landlords to identity thieves, countless people use bugs to track their marks. If you think you or a client might be on the wrong end of a bug, our Colorado bug sweeps/bug detection experts can help. Our team is trained to root out all listening and video devices quickly, allowing people to get their privacy back.

Denver Bug Sweep

What We Look for During Bug Sweeps and Bug Detection

Our Denver bug sweeps/bug detection experts are trained to look for all surveillance devices. We know that surveillance devices come in different shapes, sizes, and categories, so we conduct a complete sweep to find them all. We don’t rest until we uncover all of the devices.

Hidden cameras are a common form of surveillance. In the past, hidden cameras didn’t always stay hidden because they needed to be a certain size to capture quality images. Technological advancements mean that hidden cameras have shrunk in size while offering a superior video quality. These cameras fit almost anywhere, allowing people to monitor your every move. They even can be disguised as normal household or office objects, including smoke detectors. You need to have a professional come in and sweep your home or office to make sure that all hidden cameras are detected.

We also come across wiretaps during bug sweeps/bug detection in Denver homes and offices. Those involved in identity theft, corporate espionage, and other illegal acts intercept phone calls through the phone’s signal. They can pick up everything you say during these calls. You never know what someone might hear when these devices are in place.

Some savvy criminals even use audio surveillance so they can catch everything you say, even when you’re not on the phone. In addition, we have come across cellphone spyware more and more lately. This software is downloaded inadvertently onto the phone. Then, it can record everything, including your web history and banking information. This is very dangerous and must be deleted immediately.

Are You Really Safe?

Many people feel safe, but in today’s climate, criminals go after just about anyone. Our technical surveillance countermeasures have uncovered video devices, listening devices, and spyware that were used for:

  • Identity theft
  • Corporate espionage
  • Spying by landlords
  • Spying on family members

If you fear that someone is listening in on you, we can help. Our team of investigators offers bug sweeps/bug detection in Colorado. Best of all, we offer a free consultation so you can find out how our services can benefit you.

Most people don’t know if they are being bugged or not until they have a detailed sweep of the property. Don’t live questioning your privacy. Get the help you need to live a private, safe, and secure life at home and at work.


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