Child Abductions & Missing Persons

Denver Child Abductions / Missing Persons

For over 15 years, Details Investigations has helped parents, grandparents, spouses, and other loved ones track missing children and adults. Local authorities are often handcuffed when exploring these cases. Thin on resources and manpower, child abduction and missing children cases often get pushed to the bottom of thick stacks of files, and before long, the cases go cold. Our licensed child abduction and missing person investigators in Denver prioritize these cases, using unlimited resources and contacts to come to a resolution for the families and loved ones.

What Sets Details Investigations Apart

Local law enforcement officers are often confined by geography. They don’t have jurisdiction outside of the state of Colorado, and some are hesitant to travel outside of their local city’s borders. Unfortunately, missing people are often taken across state lines, and since these cases are time-sensitive, that creates a real problem for investigators. Every second counts during a missing person case, and those seconds can turn into days as Denver law enforcement coordinates with police departments in other cities or states. Fortunately, Details Investigations goes wherever the investigation takes us. We do not have to take the time to coordinate with law enforcement agencies. Instead, our Colorado abduction and missing person investigators can follow up on all leads with ease, providing clients and local law enforcement with the answers they desperately crave in these time-sensitive matters.

Parent Abductions – The Most Common Type of Abduction

While our Colorado abduction and missing person investigators handle a variety of cases, parent abductions remain the most common. These cases are often very complicated, and that can cause law enforcement to turn parents away. As the days tick by, the trail grows colder and colder, and the chance of finding the missing child lessens. Let our Denver child abduction and missing person investigators take the case while there is still a trail to follow.

Ransom Cases – A Frightening Reality for International Travelers

Kidnapping and ransom cases might not be common in the Denver area, but when Denver residents go on international vacations, kidnappings can occur. Families often attempt to bring in the U.S. Embassy to handle these cases, but Embassy officials often have to work at a snail’s pace so they do not step on any toes. This isn’t just frustrating. It can be a matter of life and death. Since our child abduction and missing person investigators are able to leave Colorado and go anywhere, we can handle these difficult investigations.

Other Types of Missing Person Cases

We have also covered other types of cases, including runaways, predator abductions, and unexplained disappearances. These types of cases are often the most frightening and frustrating for loved ones. Leads typically come in fast at first, but soon, the tip line goes cold and the police hand the file over to the cold case division. Years may pass before a cold case detective picks the file up and gives it any attention.

Cases don’t go cold with Details Investigations, though. We have a commitment to our clients to follow up on every lead and to sniff out leads when they stop coming in. As long as a person is still missing or unaccounted for, we continue to dig up and work leads. That keeps the case fresh and increases the likelihood of resolving it.

Every minute counts in a missing person investigation, and you need to have the best resources at your disposal. Our team of Colorado child abduction and missing person investigators provide all of the manpower and resources you need to keep the trail hot. That is the best way to find the missing person and bring him or her home safely.

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