Child Custody Investigation

Child Custody Investigations in Denver, Colorado

There are two sides to child custody cases in Denver. First, there is the emotional aspect of the case. Parents can’t help but feel emotional when fighting for the custody of their kids, especially when one parent is unfit or has taken off with the child. These emotions are natural, but they can cloud judgment and cause parents to make mistakes. That can create a dangerous situation for both the parent and the child.

That is why the second aspect is so important. This is the legal aspect, and it is what drives Details Investigations. With 15 years of experience in these cases, we know that abiding by the laws is necessary when working these cases. Breaking a law, even a minor one, can damage the parent’s case. That can cause him or her to lose a custody fight.

That is why we always start by examining all of the legal orders that are in place. This lets us lay the groundwork for your Colorado child custody case. Once we examine the orders, we can create a course of action to move forward. This course of action will abide by all laws so we will not harm your legal case.

Child Custody Investigator Denver

Coordinating with Attorneys

We have relationships with many Denver child custody attorneys, and we look forward to working with your attorney during the case. We will coordinate our efforts with your attorney to make sure that everything we do is part of your legal strategy. This will help you get the desired outcome for your case.

If you do not have an attorney, we will work directly with you in developing a strategy. This strategy will include gathering evidence for your case.

The Evidence Stage of the Case

Strong Colorado child custody cases begin with solid evidence. We are thorough when gathering evidence in order to ensure that our clients have a strong case when they go before the courts.

We begin with a background investigation, but then move on to move advanced evidence-gathering methods, including surveillance, witness interviews, and forensic computer investigations. We also use other discreet methods to ensure that we are able to provide solid evidence for our clients. We will use all of the methods necessary to help you get the evidence you need to win your case.

Out-of-State and Overseas Cases

We understand that sometimes, parents take children out of state or overseas, and this can complicate the child custody case for Denver residents. Fortunately, Details Investigations will travel anywhere and everywhere to follow up on a lead or gather evidence for your case. Your attorney might not have the time or resources to go out of the state or country, but your investigator will dedicate all of his or her time to your case. Our investigators are also familiar with the laws that govern other jurisdictions, so we will follow the law to the letter, no matter where we travel.

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Child custody cases are incredibly stressful, and you want results. It is difficult to hire an investigator until you know what to expect, which is why Details Investigations provides free consultations for all potential clients. Call us or fill out the form to find out how we can help you win your case.

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