Corporate Private Investigations

Denver Corporate Private Investigations

Businesses are built on trust, but what happens when someone breaks that trust? If you can’t trust your employees or business partners, you cannot run an effective business. Details Investigations helps you get to the bottom of your trust issues. We run professional and efficient private investigations from our Denver office. These investigations help with everything from embezzlement to workers compensation cases.

Types of Investigations

When you go with Details Investigations, your Denver private investigator will be able to take on any type of corporate investigation you require. Your private investigator will begin with a consultation and then determine the type of investigation you need. Then, it will be time to get started on your investigation.

Undercover Investigations – A Details Investigation Specialty

Undercover investigations require special care to go off without a hitch, which is why it is so important to go with an experienced team. Each private investigator at our Denver office has at least 15 years of investigative experience. Our team uses that experience to blend in with your employees when looking for theft, harassment, substance abuse, or any other problem. We have found that going into the trenches is the best way to confirm problems or clear an employee’s name. Your employees will not realize they are being investigated when you deploy a member of our investigative team.

Financial Investigations

Our team has conducted countless financial investigations over the years. If you suspect that someone is embezzling money or taking part in another white-collar crime, our team of investigators can help. We can use forensic accounting to trace the money trail and employ other methods to not only catch the culprit but to recover the funds as well. Even if the financial crimes go back years and years, we can help.

Electronic Investigations

The world is changing, and now, electronic investigations are a big part of what we do. Your Denver private investigator will look through computers to find electronic data. Our team also has the skills to recover lost data. Your business’ computers have a ton of information on them. Let us retrieve it for you.


Corruption is a serious problem in the working world. If someone is committing corporate fraud or another crime, you need to catch him or her quickly before you get implicated as well. Let our team tackle this problem for you before it is too late. We can root out the corruption so you can get back to business.

Security Checks

It’s always a good idea to catch a problem before it becomes serious. When you go with Details Investigations, your private investigator in Denver can run background checks on potential employees. We can also run checks before employees get promotions. This will allow you to avoid hiring or promoting people who have a shady past. That can help you avoid corruption and other issues in the long run.

Your business is important to you, which is why you need Details Investigations to safeguard it. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us get to work for you.

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