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Criminal Defense Denver Colorado

If you or a client has been charged with a crime, you know the prosecuting attorneys are working hard to prove the charges. The state puts a lot of money into gathering evidence and talking with expert witnesses, creating a challenge for the defense team.

The state has its own investigative team at work, so who helps the accused? With over 15 years of experience, the investigators at Details Investigations are available to help you build a strong case. Our Colorado criminal defense investigators will work tirelessly to uncover exculpatory evidence for the case. With our help, you can create reasonable doubt so an innocent person doesn’t go to prison.

Criminal Defense Denver

How It Works:

There is a lot of paperwork and evidence involved in a criminal case. Our criminal defense investigators in Denver start the process by reviewing all of the documents, gathering information, and looking for inconsistencies. We often find evidence that doesn’t add up or witness statements that change over time. These inconsistencies can help your case a great deal. They lay the foundation for creating reasonable doubt.

We don’t stop there, though. We also investigate the scene of the alleged crime to conduct our own investigation. We do this to see if the prosecution’s theory makes sense, and if it doesn’t, we explain why. This also helps the client create reasonable doubt that will help in court.

Finally, we often re-interview witnesses in order to look for inconsistencies in their statements. The smallest inconsistency casts reasonable doubt. Our team is experienced at conducting these interviews, so we know exactly what to ask to make the truth come to light. Unlike the comfortable interviews given by prosecutors, we put witnesses in the hot seat to shake out the truth. We don’t want a story. We want to find out exactly what happened on the day in question. We find that witnesses often have foggy memories, which happens when people aren’t telling the whole truth. Our team knows what buttons to push to make that truth finally come out.

Tracking Down Other Witnesses

When you hire Details Investigations for your Denver criminal defense case, we will also work to find other witnesses that the police or prosecution haven’t interviewed. We can go anywhere the investigation takes us, even if it is out of state or the country. These witnesses often refute statements given by other witnesses and might even place the defendant away from the scene of the crime.  

Having an innocent client or getting charged for a crime you didn’t commit is a terrible feeling. The idea of an innocent person spending time in prison is awful, so you need to get help from Details Investigations. Let us clear the accused person’s name so he or she can get back to life as normal. Our experienced investigators will conduct a thorough investigation and provide you with important evidence for the case.

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