Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking  Investigator Denver

Human trafficking statistics are staggering. It is believed that up to 800,000 people are purchased and then sold across international borders each year. They are then forced to become laborers or engage in the sex trade. When you add in people who are trafficked internally, the number goes up to as many as 4 million people a year.

You might think that your family is immune since you live in the United States, but that isn’t the case. In today’s uncertain climate, no one is safe, and human trafficking can occur in Colorado just as it can occur anywhere else. In fact, 1.5 million human trafficking victims are located in the United States.

Since victims can come from other countries or stay in their own countries, it can truly happen to anyone.

Human Trafficking Investigator Denver

Who Are the Victims?

While anyone can become a victim of human trafficking, around half of the victims are children. Out of those children, around 300,000 might become victims of sexual exploitation for profit each year. That is a terrifying statistic.

Many of these children are runaways or get snatched from their homes. In addition, some kids might even meet their future captors online. Children can meet anyone on the internet, and they might unwittingly put their lives at risk in the process. In fact, the internet might lead to a boom in human trafficking in Denver and beyond.

Getting Help for Denver Human Trafficking Cases

If you are dealing with a missing person case, you have to look at all of the possibilities. A missing person might be involved in human trafficking, so you need to take immediate action to bring your loved one home. Since human traffickers are quick to cross both state and international borders, fast action is required before leads go cold and the trafficker and victim disappear in the wind.

Contacting law enforcement is the first step, but it doesn’t have to be the only one. Local law enforcement agencies and the FBI are both overwhelmed with missing persons cases, so they cannot dedicate all of their time and resources to yours. That is why it is essential to hire a private investigator from Details Investigations.

With over 15 years spent investigating human trafficking cases in Denver, our team is adept at tracking leads and finding resolutions quickly before trails go cold.

In addition, our team can help revive old cases. If your loved one has been missing and the trail has gone cold, let our investigators look into the case. After we dig up new leads, we can bring the case back to the forefront. That includes getting law enforcement and the media interested in the case once again. When that happens, new leads will likely surface.

Our team of investigators tracks down leads all over the world. We will go wherever the case takes us, making Details Investigations the smart choice for cases involving human trafficking in Colorado. Every minute counts, and every lead is important. Let our team take the lead to find your missing loved one. Contact us today for a free consultation. That is the first step in finding your missing loved one.

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