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Personal Injury Investigation Denver, Colorado

Millions of people suffer personal injuries each year. These injuries can be caused by a variety of factors, including car accidents, slips and falls, dog bites, and other issues. In many cases, people are honest when reporting their injuries, but some people try to get one by insurance companies, employers, or individuals. When that is the case, you need to hire a Denver personal injury investigator. Your investigator will gather evidence so you can determine if the person is really injured. If the person is committing fraud, the investigation will save you a great deal of money and can even help your reputation.

Personal Injury Investigator Denver

Personal Injury Investigator in Denver – What to Expect

Details Investigations takes a detailed approach to investigating personal injury claims. We work every angle of the case to ensure that we find fraud if fraud is being committed.

Your Denver personal injury investigator will begin the process by reading through the police reports and other documentation and then taking a statement from the injured party. People who make false claims often have a hard time getting their stories straight, so your investigator might be able to trip the person up immediately.

Your investigator will also take statements from witnesses. Witness statements are often a part of the police record, so these can also be compared as well. If a witness changes his or her story, the investigator will know that something is going on with the claim.

Surveillance is also very important during a personal injury investigation. If a person is injured, he or she should act a certain way and shouldn’t engage in certain activities. For instance, if someone claims a neck injury, he or she shouldn’t ride a roller coaster, as that is hard on the neck. This is the easiest way to catch someone committing fraud. It is so important that our investigators will even travel out of state to surveil the subject.

In addition, our investigators also look at the person’s social media accounts. People often share a great deal on social media, not realizing it can come back to haunt them.

The investigator will also pore over scene documentation. Sometimes, people truly are injured, but someone else is at fault. By looking over the scene documentation, the investigator can determine who caused the injury.

Finally, the investigator will ask for medical authorization to obtain the injured party’s medical records. Along with requesting the records immediately following the accident, it is also a good idea to get earlier records as well. That is because the injury may not have been caused by an accident. The person could have been living with a neck or back problem for years and saw the accident as a way to get an easy payout.

If someone has made a personal injury claim that you think is false, don’t pay it off until you let our team investigate. We offer a completely free consultation, so give us a call or fill out the form so you can find out how we can help you. With our expertise, you will never have to pay a fraudulent personal injury case again.

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