Sexual Harassment Investigation

Sexual Harassment Investigation Denver, Colorado

Fifty-four percent of employees have experienced some sort of harassment in the workplace. With so many people dealing with harassment, it can affect anyone. In fact, both men and women are harassed, and harassment can occur at any level, from executive to administrative. In addition, sexual harassment can be toward someone of the opposite or same sex.

If you or an employee is the victim of sexual harassment, it is important to deal with the situation quickly before it escalates. It is important to understand that sexual harassment is a crime, and the perpetrator needs to be punished. With the help of a sexual harassment investigator in Denver, you can bring the perpetrator to justice and make the workplace enjoyable once again.

Sexual Harassment Denver

Types of Sexual Harassment

Many people think they need to lose their jobs or get passed over for a promotion to be considered victims of sexual harassment, but that isn’t the case. The state of Colorado recognizes two forms of sexual harassment, and both are crimes.

First, there is hostile work environment sexual harassment. This type of harassment consists of unwelcome sexual comments and advances. The comments interfere with the working environment and make it hostile. These advances can come from anyone who works with the company in some capacity, including vendors. You won’t lose money or your job if you suffer from this type of harassment, but your harasser is still committing a crime and can lose his job and be sued.

Quid pro quo sexual harassment is the other kind. This is the form of sexual harassment that gets the most press. Quid pro quo stands for “something for something,” and that is the perfect explanation of this harassment. If the victim doesn’t do what the perpetrator wants, he or she could get fired, passed up for a promotion, or suffer some other consequence.

How Our Denver Sexual Harassment Investigator Can Help

Sexual harassment cases are often complicated. Without the right proof, it will be impossible to bring charges up against the harasser. Fortunately, Details Investigations knows how to investigate these claims to the fullest. Even the savviest of criminals have a hard time covering their tracks, so we can dig up important information that will help you win your case or get rid of a dangerous employee.

We can tell quite a bit through interviews. We interview employees, the perpetrator, and more to get a better idea of what is going on at the workplace. We also conduct surveillance and look for digital clues.

If you are an employer, you can hire us for an undercover workplace investigation so we can see the harassment occur in person. This is the best way to get evidence against the employee or vendor. We ensure that all evidence we gather can be admissible in court.

Sexual harassment is a serious matter, and you need a serious investigator by your side. Let our Denver sexual harassment investigator step in and get to the bottom of the situation. With over 15 years of experience, we know how to gather the right evidence to help companies and employees come up with resolutions. Contact us for a free consultation so we can gather the background information and formulate a plan for your case.

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