Surveillance Services in Denver, Colorado

For the past 15 years, Details Investigations has provided surveillance for countless clients. We have helped attorneys get the evidence needed for civil suits, just as we have helped men and women find out if their spouses are cheating. We have even helped businesses catch employees stealing.

Since we work with such a broad range of clients, we utilize various types of surveillance. These options help us provide the Denver surveillance services that all of our clients need.

Surveillance Company Denver Colorado

The Right Type of Surveillance for Each Investigation

While some private investigators specialize in a single type of surveillance, we are adept at all of the options. This allows us to match the type or types of surveillance needed for each specific case. That is why we manage to get results in all types of cases.

Electronic surveillance is used in almost all of our cases. We monitor phone and internet usage, set wiretaps, and more to surveil subjects.  

Physical observation is also common in a lot of our cases. With this type of surveillance, we follow and observe the subject. We might stake out in front of a subject’s house or don a disguise and follow the subject.

Technical surveillance is often coupled with physical observation. During this type of surveillance, we take photos and audio/video recordings of the subjects. In addition, this type of surveillance can be used without physical observation. For instance, if you think an employee is stealing, we can install cameras to record the employee’s actions.

Finally, we often conduct interviews. Depending on the case, we might interview neighbors, coworkers, or family members. In addition, we often speak with friends.

How We Provide Surveillance in Colorado

When you hire us, we will begin with a free consultation. During the consultation, we will gather background information about the case. First, we will want to know the purpose of the surveillance. People often hire us to:

  • Find missing people
  • Determine if a spouse is cheating
  • Gather evidence for criminal or civil investigations
  • Find out if someone is committing fraud
  • See if an employee is actually hurt
  • Find the source of missing products or money

After we determine the nature of the surveillance, we will create a plan involving the type or types of surveillance that the case needs. We will also consider the surveillance method.

For instance, some surveillance methods are overt. We use visible cameras to prevent people from stealing. In other cases, covert methods are required. We might use a hidden camera to catch someone in the act so that person can be prosecuted.

After we complete all of the tasks related to the surveillance job in Denver, we will provide you with the necessary information. For instance, if your spouse was found with another person, we will show you photographic evidence along with a detailed report of the evidence. If we catch an employee stealing, we will provide the video evidence. You can then move forward with your criminal case.

Whether you are an attorney or an individual, our experienced team can help. Contact us for a free consultation and then we can move forward with your case.

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