Undercover Workplace Investigation

Undercover Workplace Investigations Denver, Colorado

You aren’t certain, but you think that something is going on with an employee. Maybe your profits are lower than normal and you suspect that someone is stealing, or maybe someone seems a little off and you think he or she might be abusing drugs at the workplace. Simply putting CCTV cameras in place isn’t enough. After all, employees can always step out of the view of the camera when engaging in an illegal activity. Fortunately, the investigators at Details Investigations can go where the cameras can’t. Our investigators act as employees and get the scoop about what is going on at the company. That is why our undercover corporate investigations in Denver are so successful. We get a front-row seat to what is going on and gather evidence in the process. Then, the employer can get rid of his or her problem employee before losing any more products or money.

Building Trust Is Key

When a member from our team is inserted into the workplace, we ask that you put him or her as close to the problem employee as possible. Put them in the same department, and if you can, choose offices or desks that are close to one another. Then, the operative will immediately begin building trust until the person thinks that he or she has a partner in crime.

Many times, the suspect will let the investigator in on his or her secrets. The employee might try to sell the investigator stolen merchandise or offer drugs at the workplace. The investigator documents all of this and creates a report of the findings.

Fire Employees Without Fear

When we engage in undercover workplace investigations at Denver companies, our main goal is to make the company a more profitable and productive place. We know that companies will take a huge hit if they go through a lawsuit after firing an employee. That is why we go to great lengths to prove that the employee is engaging in bad behavior. This protects companies from lawsuits. In fact, most people won’t think twice of suing when they find out how much evidence we have. They will just be happy to avoid major jail time.

Stay Abreast of the Investigation

You have been left in the dark for too long regarding what is happening within your company. You don’t want to wait until the end of an investigation to find out what the team has uncovered. That is why we offer daily updates during these investigations. We will update you on the entire process, from building up trust with the employee to catching the person in the act of doing something wrong.

Profits are important to your business. If someone is stealing from your company or doing something else to harm your business, your profits can take a hit. Protect your company and your bank account by contacting our team today. We offer free consultations, so you don’t have to make a commitment when you talk to us. Find out how we can help and then decide if you want to move forward to protect your business.

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