Workers Comp Fraud Investigation

Workers’ Comp Fraud Investigator Denver, Colorado

Injuries at the workplace are an unfortunate fact of life. No matter how much you try to protect your employees, people get hurt from time to time. When that happens, they can claim workers’ comp so they can continue to earn money while recovering from their injuries.

That is the way that workers’ comp is supposed to work, but unfortunately, some people file fraudulent claims. They make up the injury altogether or they exaggerate how bad it is so they can get out of work while still getting a check.

As an employer, you don’t want to hire a Denver workers’ comp investigator every time that someone files a claim, but you do want to hire an investigator if you suspect fraud is taking place. First, look at the warning signs that someone is committing fraud. If the employee exhibits any of the warning signs, contact Details Investigations, and we will investigate the case for you.

Workers Comp Fraud Investigation Denver Colorado

Signs that Someone Filed a Fraudulent Claim

There are lots of signs that someone is being less than honest about a workers’ comp claim. Common signs include:

  • Past workers’ comp claims
  • An injury when no witnesses were present
  • A delay between the injury and the report
  • An injury reported by a disgruntled employee
  • Symptoms that don’t seem to fit the injury

These are just some of the signs. If something doesn’t seem right about the injury, contact us for help. Your gut is often right, so don’t ignore it.

How We Can Help

We provide comprehensive services when examining workers’ comp claims. Our workers’ comp investigator in Denver will begin with a simple interview. It is important to get a recorded statement from the employee in case it needs to be used in court. Employees who make up fraudulent claims have a hard time keeping their stories straight. Nailing them down to a timeline at the beginning of the investigation is a great way to catch people in a lie.

We also use surveillance to determine if the person really has an injury. It is not uncommon to see someone who makes a workers’ comp claim for a back injury working out at the gym or someone who complains about a severe knee injury crouching over the flowers in the garden. We often get more than enough evidence through surveillance.

We also do background checks to find out if the claimant has a history of collecting workers’ comp. While some people do have bad luck, if we notice that someone goes from job to job making workers’ comp claims wherever he or she goes, it will cast some doubt over the person’s story. We can use this information when questioning the claimant. It can also be beneficial in court.

You want employees who are injured to get the compensation they need, but you don’t want your premiums to go up based on fraudulent claims. If you are afraid that someone is stealing from your company via fraudulent claims, contact us for a free consultation. We can go over the case with you and talk about how we will help you bring it to a resolution.

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